55inch 1.8mm LCD VIDEO WALL screen Parameters

Màn ghép 3x3 (55")

Main features:
Main features:
  1. Adopting BOE's original industrial-grade A+ level DID LCD screen, with a service life of more than 60,000 hours and meeting 7*24 hours of uninterrupted work;
  2. High brightness, high color gamut, high contrast, high resolution? Ensure perfect display effect;
  3.  Adopting direct-lit LED backlight system a-Si TFT-LCD, LCD module, energy saving and environmental protection; LCD splicing screen surface is matte treatment? (Haze25%), Hard coating (2H).
  4. Using the new ultra-wide viewing angle extension technology to ensure that the image is not deformed and the color is not distorted within the horizontal and vertical viewing angles of 178°;
  5. Ultra-narrow seams, physical seams 1.7mm, almost seamless display effect;
  6. 16.7M color, true reproduction of every detail of the picture;
  7. Using image pixel dynamic point-by-point cutting analysis processing technology to compensate for the details of the picture, so that low-pixel images can be clearly reproduced in the full HD display.
  8. Using progressive scan drive technology to improve the smoothness of the picture and eliminate flicker; de-interlacing algorithm to eliminate "jaggies"; dynamic interpolation compensation, 3D dynamic digital noise reduction, 3D comb filtering, 10-bit digital brightness and color Various international leading processing technologies such as enhancement, automatic skin tone correction, 3D motion compensation, and nonlinear scaling;
  9.  Image frame correction technology to correct image misalignment; image frame can be compensated or covered to achieve complete full HD signal real-time processing;
  10. 8ms fast response time, the screen really has no tailing;
  11. Intelligent temperature control fan, environmental protection and mute;
  12. Simple modular design, special back cover design, easy installation and maintenance;
  13. All metal casing, anti-static, anti-magnetic field, anti-interference;
  14. Multi-level menu display function, more convenient operation;
  15. Abundant built-in signal interfaces to meet various needs;
  16. Integrated built-in splicing processor, M*N multi-unit splicing display in any combination, maximum support for 256 unit splicing.
 Technical parameters:
55 inch ultra narrow edge LCD splicing unit
Panel type 55’’ DID LCD Panel
Display size 1209.6 (horizontal) × 680.4 (vertical) mm
display scale 169
Backlight type Direct down LED
resolving power 1920*1080
Display color 16.7M(8bit)
Brightness 532cd/m2
Contrast 4836:1
viewing angle 178°
response time 8ms
service life 60000 hours
Physical joint 1.8mm
Function Color System PAL/NTSC/SECAM
Menu language Simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, English multi language
Operation mode Remote control
D-15 pin RGB input (VGA) 1
DVI input 1
HDMI input 1
Composite video input (AV) 1(BNC*1)
Composite video output (AV) 1(BNC*1)
Control signal input RS232
Control signal loop out RS232
Power Supply Power input AC198-242V,50 /60HZ
Power consumption 230W
M * n multi unit splicing; Manual / timing / plan setting, intelligent temperature control, multi signal split screen display (multi-channel signal); Full screen display; Any combination display; Picture in picture. Analog signal needs to be equipped with AV / VGA matrix. Image roaming, overlay, drag and drop function (optional)
Cabinet / bracket customized
Installation accessories customized
Installation method Cabinet, wall hanging, floor support, embedded, mobile, etc

Product size 1211.40 (horizontal) * 682.20 (vertical) * 107.1 (thick)
Appearance color black
Shell material Metal
Net weight 35KG
Recommend use place Monitoring center: public security, finance, energy, transportation, coal mine, government, enterprise, etc; Public display: airport, railway, subway, highway and other transportation industries, libraries, museums, zoos, shopping malls and other exhibition places; Commercial demonstration: TV studio, large-scale performance and commercial exhibition, hotel lobby, office hall of enterprises and institutions, conference room; Military scientific research: scientific research and education institutions, medical institutions, military operation command, meteorological and geographical survey, etc


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