1.25m all-in-one traffic light
Model: YTJD200-3-FM2P1201
Housing Material: Aluminum
Working Voltage: 85-265VAC 50HZ/60HZ
Temperature: -40℃~+80℃
Certifications: CE(LVD, EMC) , EN12368, ISO9001, ISO14001, IP55
1.25m all-in-one traffic light
Product Features
Integrated cabinet, with simple and generous appearance, strong three-dimensional effect, high mechanical strength; good rust resistance and long life.
Low power consumption, using high-brightness LED long visual distance: ≥300m,long LED life:≥100000 hours
Special Features
With PFC (PFC>0.9) corrected isolated switching power supply, surge protection voltage ≥4000V, and CE certification
The front light bar is switched synchronously with the signal light
Waterproof, protection grade: IP53
The control circuit obtained the national invention patent
Technical Parameter
Technical Parameters Product's electrical parameters
Red LED Brightness of each LED:4000~6000mcd, wavelengthλd:625±5nm, Viewing angle: 50°
Green LED Brightness of each LED:3200~5500mcd, wavelengthλd:505±5nm, Viewing angle: 50°
Red full ball 61pcs LEDs,intensity:>230cd,power consumption:≤5W
Red full ball 61pcs LEDs,intensity:>230cd,power consumption:≤5W
Green full ball 61pcs LEDs, intensity:>160cd,power consumption:≤4W
Red LED panel 225pcs LEDs, intensity:>480cd,power consumption:≤13W
Green LED panel 225pcs LEDs, intensity:>720cd,power consumption:≤11W
Pole Height 1250mm
Input DC11V-30V
Temperature -40℃~+80℃
Wave Length Red (625±5nm), Green(505±5nm)
IP degree 85-265V AC,12V/24V DC
IP grade IP53